Nismo Reinforced Close Ratio 6-Speed Transmission Fits Nissan S13/S14/S15 Silvia & 180SX/200SX32010-RRS50

Nismo Reinforced Close Ratio 6-Speed Transmission - Nissan S13/S14/S15

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For more enjoyable sports and drift driving, first and second gear ratios have been brought closer to third gear, with the sixth gear ratio closer to fifth gear. With most of the competition oriented gears in the market, strength and ease of production are emphasized in the design process, and a lower gear engagement ratio and rougher tooth surface grinding may cause noisy whizzing sounds for daily use. Nismo carefully considered these factors and developed gear ratio specifications that allow for daily use as well.

By changing the gear ratio and increasing the gear diameter, strength has been improved. Where the gear ratio has not been changed, changing the module by reducing the number of both counter and main gear teeth and increasing the size of individual gear teeth also increases gear strength. By reducing the torsion angle, the thrust power shock to the front of the counter-shaft caused by the input of shock torque is reduced, helping to reduce potential damage to the end face of the counter-reverse gear.

The Nismo Reinforced Cross Transmission draws on the strengths of the standard FS6R92A, and through reinforcement and optimized gear ratio provides a level of operation incomparable with competition only dog transmissions or synchro transmissions of the past.

Use on S15 (SR20DE), S14, S13 Because the S15 speedometer obtains its signal from the ABS sensor, there is no speed drive gear on the transmission. Because of this, no speedometer indications will be available on the S13 and S14. When installing the NISMO Reinforced Cross Transmission in the S13 or S14, a speedometer drive gear has been prepared which must be attached.

  • Ideal Gear Ratio
  • Improves Gear Strength
  • Superior Operational Feeling
  • Transmission Gear Ratio

1st Gear:

  • NISMO Reinforced Cross: 2.9071
  • OEM 6-speed (FS6R92A): 3.6264
  • OEM 5-speed (FS5W71C): 3.3214

2nd Gear:

  • NISMO Reinforced Cross: 1.9888
  • OEM 6-speed (FS6R92A): 2.2000
  • OEM 5-speed (FS5W71C): 1.9023

3rd Gear:

  • NISMO Reinforced Cross: 1.5373
  • OEM 6-speed (FS6R92A): 1.5412
  • OEM 5-speed (FS5W71C): 1.3084

4th Gear:

  • NISMO Reinforced Cross: 1.2179
  • OEM 6-speed (FS6R92A): 1.2132
  • OEM 5-speed (FS5W71C): 1.0000

5th Gear:

  • NISMO Reinforced Cross: 1.0000
  • OEM 6-speed (FS6R92A): 1.0000
  • OEM 5-speed (FS5W71C): 0.8378

6th Gear:

  • NISMO Reinforced Cross: 0.8624
  • OEM 6-speed (FS6R92A): 0.7674
  • OEM 5-speed (FS5W71C)

Final Gear:

  • NISMO Reinforced Cross:
  • OEM 6-speed (FS6R92A): 3.6920
  • OEM 5-speed (FS5W71C): 4.0830

Vehicle Compatibility:

- Nissan S15 Silvia & 200SX
- Nissan S14 Silvia & 200SX (Nismo Mounting Kit Required)
- Nissan PS13 Silvia (Nismo Mounting Kit Required)
- Nissan RPS13 180SX (Nismo Mounting Kit Required)

Note: The S13 & S14 models require a Nismo Install Kit Part # 3137S-RRS50.
The Nismo Reinforced Cross 6 Speed Transmission Assembly is based on the S15 6-speed transmission, this transmission provides a gear ratio for truly enjoyable sports driving, as well as increased gear strength.

Nismo Transmissions are supplied new as supplied from Nissan Motorsports and supplied as-is, No Warranty is offered due to fitment to modified vehicles.


SKU 32010-RRS50

Availability 30-45 Days


Nismo Reinforced Close Ratio 6-Speed Transmission Fits Nissan S13/S14/S15 Silvia & 180SX/200SX Nismo Reinforced Close Ratio 6-Speed Transmission Fits Nissan S13/S14/S15 Silvia & 180SX/200SX

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