HPI 6 Speed Cross Misson Gearbox - Nissan S13/S14/S15

6 Speed Close Ratio Gearbox - Nissan S13/S14/S15


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Based on the Nismo 6 Speed Transmission for Nissan S15 Silvia/200SX, this Transmission provides improved Gear Ratios for more enjoyable sports driving as well as increased Gear strength. The result of extensive research and development, this transmission is installed in HPI's S15 Silvia D1 car and used in various circuit and D1GP applications.

HPI Recommendations:

- Minimum 300km run-in period recommended for this transmission.
- Shift feel will lighten following transmission run-in.
- 75W-140 Grade or higher transmission oil should be used (Nismo Competition Oil 2189E 75W-140 recommended).
- Transmission should only be installed by specialist technician.
- Nismo Super Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch recommended for use with this transmission (Dumper spring on Clutch Disc).
- Uprated Propellor Shaft recommended for use in S13 & S14 - COntact us for further information.
- For reliability & safety reasons, do not modify any part of this product.


Confirmed Torque Compatibility: 50kgfm (490.3Nm)
Confirmed HP Compatibility: 430ps (316kw)

Gear Ratios:

- HPI: 2.9071
- OEM (fs6r92a): 3.6264

- HPI: 1.9888
- OEM (fs6r92a): 2.2000

- HPI: 1.5373
- OEM (fs6r92a): 1.2132

- HPI: 1.2179
- OEM (fs6r92a): 1.2132

- HPI: 1.1000
- OEM (fs6r92a): 1.1000

- HPI: 0.8624
- OEM (fs6r92a): 0.7674

- HPI: -
- OEM (fs6r92a): 3.692

Product Notes:

- HPI cannot confirm whether the Reinforced Cross Transmission is able to hold up to higher torque/hp ratings than listed.
- S15 Speedometer obtains its signal from the ABS sensor, therefore there is no speed drive gear on the transmission
- Because of this, no speedometer indications will be available when installing this Transmission in S13 & S14.
- Nismo Mounting Kit for your specific model will be needed (S13 & S14 only)

Vehicle Compatibility Notes:

- Nissan S15
- Nissan S14 (Nismo Mounting Kit Required)
- Nissan PS13 (Nismo Mounting Kit Required)
- Nissan RPS13 (Nismo Mounting Kit Required)


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Availability 30-45 Days

HPI 6 Speed Cross Misson Gearbox - Nissan S13/S14/S15 HPI 6 Speed Cross Misson Gearbox - Nissan S13/S14/S15

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