Redline 2 Stroke Racing Oil - (Large Bottle 3.8L- 1 Gallon)


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 Contain ester base oils with the highest film strength and affinity for hot metal
- Increased power and excellent scuff protection
- Provides the lubricating qualities of castors, but with exceptional cleanliness
- Low carbon residue dramatically reduces plug fouling and smoke
- Compatible with reformulated fuels
- Each product works in both premix or injection systems
- Ultimate in two-cycle performance, extreme cleanliness
- Popular in racing and daily applications like motorcycles, marine, snowmobile racing, etc.
- Dyno proven for gains of 3-5% and more power over longer runs
- High-temp stability prevents deposits on combustion chambers, exhaust ports, upper ring, and piston crown
- Suggested use at 50:1, but useful up to 100:1 depending on operating conditions
- Chemistry in Two-Cycle Kart Oil and Two-Stroke Race Oil are identical, with different labels


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Availability 7-10 Days

Redline 2 Stroke Racing Oil - (Large Bottle 3.8L- 1 Gallon) Redline 2 Stroke Racing Oil - (Large Bottle 3.8L- 1 Gallon)

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