Nismo GT 1.5-Way LSD Rear Diff Centre Fits Nissan S15 Silvia, R32/R33/R34 Skyline & C34 Stagea38420-RS015-A

Nismo GT 1.5-Way LSD Rear Diff Centre Fits Nissan S15 Silvia, R32/R33/R34 Skyline & C34 Stagea


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The Nismo GT LSD series is the ultimate in high-performance, high-quality LSD. Nismo GT LSD has been designed and manufactured with strict tolerance to precision, giving this series extreme precision which leverages large capacity with uniform torque to both the left and right shafts. GT LSD's stable, high traction performance permits fine-tuning of both brakes and transmission settings.

Increasing the number of plates to 20 makes the shift from slip to lock dramatically smoother. The diameter of the plates themselves, which are the actual slipping faces of the LSD, was augmented by 55% over existing Nismo models. The result is a decreased load on each sliding face for a 30% gain in durability.

A special heat treatment developed exclusively by Nismo is applied to all of the plate surfaces. This finish eliminates catching during slippage and ensures a smooth, linear operation. It keeps the plates working in harmony when they are first broken in, guarding against plate scorching as well as any loss of initial torque.

The GT LSD brings you more than just strength and efficiency, it also reduces power loss from occurring during time trials and provides the solid traction needed to attain higher cornering speeds. All of this will give you better angle control when drifting.

The Nismo GT LSD Series comes in two Configurations 1.5 or 2 way. Kits Include all parts required for Bolt-On Fitment, Bearings, Oil seals, Gasket, and Ring Gear Bolts.

Vehicle Compatibility:

- Nissan Silva & 200SX S15 SR20DE/T (M/T) (Gear Ratio 4.083/3.692)
- Nissan Skyline ER34 RB25DE 2WD 08/99- (Gear Ratio 4.083/4.363)
- Nissan Skyline ER34 RB25DET 2WD (M/T) 08/00- (Gear Ratio 4.083/4.111)
- Nissan Skyline HNR32 RB20DET M/T Gear Ratio 4.375)
- Nissan Skyline BNR32 RB26DETT (M/T) (Gear Ratio 4.111)
- Nissan Skyline BCNR33 RB26DETT (M/T) (Gear Ratio 4.111)
- Nissan Skyline BNR34 RB26DETT (M/T) (Gear Ratio 3.545)
- Nissan Stagea WGNC34 4WD (M/T) (Gear Ratio 4.111)

LSD Compatibility Notes:

  • S15: For SR20DE Helical or Non-LSD models.¬†(Including Autech Version)¬†
  • S15: For SR20DET M/T Helical models.
  • R34: For RB20DE Non-Viscous models.
  • ER34: For RB25DE Non-Viscous models.
  • ER34: For RB25DE 2WD Helical 99/8~ models.
  • ER34: For RB25DET M/T 00/8~ models.
  • HNR32: For RB20DET 4WD models.¬†(See Diff Notes #1)
  • BNR32: RB26DETT ~93/2 models¬†
  • BNR32: RB26DETT 93/2~ models¬†(See Diff Notes #1)
  • BCNR33: RB26DETT Except for active LSD models.¬†(See Diff Notes #1)
  • BNR34: RB26DETT Except for active LSD models.¬†(See Diff Notes¬†#2)
  • WGNC34: RB25DET 4WD A/T Non-Viscous 98/8~
  • WGNC34: RB25DET 4WD M/T Viscous 98/8~¬†(See Diff Notes #1)
  • WGNC34: RB26DETT 4WD models.¬†(See Diff Notes #1)

Fitment Requirment Notes:

  • ¬†Note 1)¬†When installing, it is necessary to replace the right side of the side flange with 38220-05U10 and the left side with 38220-05U11 (Both Nissan genuine parts for R32 GT-R before¬†M/C not supplied).
  • Note 2)¬†When installing, it is necessary to replace the right side of the side flange with 38220-05U11 and the left side with 38220-05U10 (Both Nissan genuine parts for R32 GT-R before M/C not supplied).


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