BLITZ Super Sound Blow Off Valve BR (Release Type) Fits Toyota Chaser Mark II JZX100/JZX110 & Soarer JZZ30 08/96~ (1JZ-GTE)

Super Sound Blow Off Valve RB (Release Type) - Toyota Chaser Mark II JZX100/JZX110 & Soarer JZZ30 08/96~ (1JZ-GTE)


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In turbo cars, the throttle valve is closed when the accelerator is off, so the air supercharged by the turbocharger loses its escape and tries to flow back.

This backflow air can damage the turbocharger and cause poor response, and it is the role of the "blow-off valve" to prevent them.
In addition, by releasing the backflow air to the atmosphere, there is a feature that a loud opening sound peculiar to the blow-off valve is produced
(in the case of "return type (return immediately after the air flow sensor)", there is no opening sound).

In recent turbo cars, a genuine "recirculation valve (the one that works the same as blow-off)" is installed, and the air that is about to flow back may be returned immediately after the air flow sensor through a hose.
As you can see, the blow-off valve function is required even in the genuine state.

However, in the genuine product, "the valve diameter is small", "the capacity is small", "the spring is soft and the hardness cannot be adjusted", the slow return after the valve opens, and the vehicle with increased boost pressure. Then there are problems such as the pressure escaping.

Therefore, by replacing the genuine "recirculation valve" with a large-capacity "blow-off valve" with high pressure resistance, it is possible to release pressure with good response.
Since it is compatible with high boost pressure, it is a tuning part aimed at maximizing the performance of the turbocharger and protecting the turbocharger.

"SUPER SOUND BLOW OFF VALVE BR" inherits Blitz's original "super sound" which has a track record of 25 years, and it is possible to fully demonstrate the original performance of the turbocharger such as adoption of Venturi funnel and new design. It is a blow-off valve.

Product Features:

  • Uses a high-quality aluminum die-cast body. High-precision CNC machining optimizes clearance and realizes smooth piston operation with good response.
  • A deflick coating is applied to the piston, which not only improves corrosion resistance but also demonstrates outstanding lubrication performance even in tight clearances.
  • Uses a special black coating that is resistant to corrosion and red alumite. Ideal for dressing up the engine room.
  • It is possible to replace the conventional model by making the flange shape of the mounting part and the size of the funnel the same as the conventional product.
  • Select a spring with the appropriate strength for each model. Prevents idling problems that tend to occur with blow-off valves.
  • Succeeded in increasing the flow velocity by 17% by reviewing the Venturi shape of the funnel part. Achieves a sharper and more powerful open sound.
  • A return hose can be attached by removing the Venturi funnel and replacing it with an attachment pipe. (Excluding some models)
  • The "release type" is a type that releases the boost pressure that flows back when the accelerator is off to the atmosphere.

  • By adopting the fully renewed "Venturi Funnel", the powerful open sound that has been well-established throughout the series makes the driving scene even more leshy.

  • It is possible to change to the "return type" by purchasing the "return parts kit" separately and exchanging the screw type Venturi funnel and the return pipe, and it is possible to return to the suction side like the genuine recirculation valve. I will.

* Some models do not have a "return parts kit". Please see the compatibility table for each model .

Vehicle Compatibility:

- Toyota Soarer JZZ30 (96/08-01/04)
- Toyota Chaser JZX100 (96/09-)
- Toyota Cresta JZX100 (96/09-)
- Toyota Verossa JZX110 (01/07-)
- Toyota Mark II JZX100 (96/09-00/10)
- Toyota Mark II JZX110 (00/10-)


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BLITZ Super Sound Blow Off Valve BR (Release Type) Fits Toyota Chaser Mark II JZX100/JZX110 & Soarer JZZ30 08/96~ (1JZ-GTE) BLITZ Super Sound Blow Off Valve BR (Release Type) Fits Toyota Chaser Mark II JZX100/JZX110 & Soarer JZZ30 08/96~ (1JZ-GTE)

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