BC Racing Lower Foot Mount Camber Bolt Kit Fits 14mm (+/- 1.75deg)BC-CAMBERBOLTKIT-14MM

BC Racing camber bolts provide the largest adjustment range of up to +/- 1.75deg Unlike other "friction" lock designs we use a positive toothed lock washer which means NO SLIP! Simple to adjust and lock time after time with out slipping.


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This part should only be installed by personnel who have the necessary skill, training and tools to do the job correctly and safely. Incorrect installation can result in personal injury, vehicle damage and/or loss of vehicle control.
Changes camber and/or caster up to ±1.75 degrees

Vehicles with 14mm strut bolts.

1. Take alignment readings and determine amount of camber change needed.
2. Raise vehicle by body pinch welds. Remove tire and wheel assembly.
3. Remove the upper strut-spindle bolt.
4. Line up small tab with cam on bolt. Install bolt with large tab out toward wheel for positive camber or in away from wheel for negative camber. Install the camber bolt into strut whole making sure the small tab on the washer is in the hole and the washer is flush on the strut. Add lock nut, snug, but do not tighten. Loosen the lower bolt.
5. Reinstall tire and wheel assembly and recompensate alignment equipment. Rotate the camber bolt to obtain desired camber reading. *Torque bolts do not exceed 125Ib-ft (170Nm) Do NOT use air/impact wrench. Always check for proper clearance between suspension components and other components of the vehicle.
6. Complete alignment and road test vehicle.



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