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OS Giken Cross Gear Set - Nissan Skyline R32/R33/R34 & 300ZX Z32 (FS5W30A)

OS Giken 5 Speed Cross Gear Se (FS5W30A Transmissions)- Nissan R32 GTR, R33 GTS-T & GTR & R34 GTT & Z32 300ZX


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Performance driving and high output engines put a strain on the drivetrain and can sometimes lead to failing components, such as broken gears or input shafts. The goal of the OS Giken Close Ratio Gear Kit is to reinforce the transmission internal components while maximizing an engines potential by providing custom gear ratios for performance driving.

Each OS Giken gear component is designed and created from high-quality forged materials, and then undergoes hard shot peening, resulting in increased strength and durability. Furthermore, the gears are helical-cut, rather than straight-cut, to maintain a quiet and smooth operation, accomplishing full comfort for street driving as well as reliability for racing.

OS Giken close-ratio gearset for FS5W30A gearbox in BNR32 and BCNR33 GT-R, ECR33 and ER34 Skyline turbo and Z32 300ZX twin turbo, 5-gear kit including input shaft.

OS Giken close-ratio gearsets offer greatly increased gear strength, along with closer gear ratios to suit racing applications. The retention of normal synchromesh parts and a helical gear design means the gears are still almost as quiet as a standard gearset, so this is an excellent upgrade for street-driven vehicles too

This gear set is designed for the final 1997 version of the BCNR33 GT-R gearbox, some additional Nissan parts will be required to update earlier versions of the FS5W30A.

The gears are rated at 1200ps, so they are suitable for most modified RB engines. The limiting factor is the Nissan synchros. While the latest version of the synchros is used, they may still fail if shifting too fast at over 9000rpm. For this reason, extreme drag car applications should look at the OS-88 sequential gearbox. That said, this gear set has been used successfully in a number of 9-second GT-Rs. 

- 5 Speed
- Strengthened Input Shaft Included
- OS Giken ratios: 2.695, 1.703, 1.236, 1.000, 0.826
- Standard ratios: 3.214, 1.925, 1.302, 1.000, 0.752



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OS Giken Cross Gear Set - Nissan Skyline R32/R33/R34 & 300ZX Z32 (FS5W30A) OS Giken Cross Gear Set - Nissan Skyline R32/R33/R34 & 300ZX Z32 (FS5W30A)

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