You can improve your cars performance and increase engine power by simply upgrading your cars current stock exhaust system to a performance exhaust system.

The stock exhaust system that comes fitted in your car is designed to muffle your cars sound as much as possible! Which in turn, leaves your car with – LESS POWER. This means that your current exhaust system is robing your car of power, due to the restriction of flow of exhaust gases.

If you are looking for MORE POWER, replacing the stock exhaust system with a less restrictive performance exhaust system will definitely do the trick. Not only will your car now give you the desired purr or roar sound that you were after, but it will also free up some power in your engine. This extra engine power is created when spent fuel and air can exit the combustion chambers quicker, which means more fuel and air can burned at a fast rate.  

Say Hello to more Power with a smarter look as Team Justjap points you in the right direction in choosing the right performance components to complete a performance exhaust system upgrade for your car!